Drugs Took My Marriage

In my previous entry I discussed how my wife became addicted to oxycodone. Now that we are in the neccessary stages of divorce, I realize that the drug has truly taken a toll on her mind. Her irrational behavior and lies were exhibited before the judge and there was nothing I could do.  She continues to blame me for all that went wrong but I know in my heart and in God's eyes I put forth my best effort to restore our marriage. Sadly, I lost her to this drug when all I ever wanted was to live and share the rest of my life with the woman I love.

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

we might be on the verge of divorce as well. She cheated on me when she went and got high with her ex and I forgave her- this 4 months ago. But I'm coming to realize that certain woman(even all people in general) are so messed up from their childhood trauma and previous relationships that they're driven by guilt and will subconsciously shatter anything that will lead to some success. They don't feel they deserve it so they ruin every chance they have. Good luck to you man- God Bless

I am so sorry for you - I know exactly how drugs change the person that ou love, your best friend, and they are gone - forever.

i'm sorry to hear that hun. love isnt fair and life isnt fair sometimes. but maybe its for the best. a life with someone with a serious addiction can be much worse than missing them from seperation. time really does heal all wounds. maybe this reality will really force her to change and heal the way she needs to. good luck to you.