Very Erotic!

I was extremely horny one day and all alone. If I was going to get any release I was just going to have to take matters in my own hands. I was watching **** and saw one of the participants lick pre-*** off the **** head of the guy, I started leaking bad at that point. I decided to give it a try, now I love the taste. If I'm getting a bj, I love to taste myself on my partner's tongue when I'm done.
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By "taste myself on my partner's tongue", do you mean tasting your ***** on their tongue, or precum? Though I love my precum, I haven't been able to get into enjoying eating my actual ***. But I have never tried tasting my *** on my lover's tongue, or even passing a good quantity back and forth between us in a kiss. Perhaps that's the trick?!

The passing back and forth is, I believe, called snowballing. However, I have yet to try that. The taste I am referring to is my own ***. Or his for that matter, like everything good it leaves its own flavor in your mouth, kinda like the tests of the after glow. Lol :-)

Fabulous sweetie

Thanks Sammi!!