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I love my percum and have since I can remember. Now that I am 57 I still taste it every chance I get and this has led me to eat my own ***. I love it when I am getting a blow job and she shares my *** with me. I havent had another man's *** since I was a teen but I do love the taste of my precum and my ***.
hoyphlegs hoyphlegs 56-60, M 9 Responses Mar 31, 2013

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try all sweety and save a little *** i mouth and give me long deep kisssssssssssss and ill be so happy to share and eat your *** ....mmm

Absolutely tastes the best!

why not try now the pre *** of another man? we can try. i am curious to taste another pre ***..

the problem when eating your own *** is, usually after you *** your in a "let down" state.

You need to *** into your hand and lick it up before thinking about it, its really not bad.

After a few times it becomes pretty good, never super fantastic, but good.

Have fun and good luck.

I have been married for 20 years and am a gay sissy boy. I came out of the closet to my wife 10 years ago and she is still married to you gay husband. She would prefer a straight husband but understands and allows me to satisfy my needs with men and to go to gay vacation destinations from time to time. We don't have sex often once or twice a year but when we do she can not get me aroused enough to be able to penetrate or it goes soft very quickly upon entry and I usually *** very quickly with one or two pumps leaving her unsatisfied. She usually asks me to finish her orally knowing I LOVE to lick my own *** out of her *****. I love sucking **** and swallowing my mans load, I love *** running down my throat.

I is a bit emotionally upsetting knowing I am not man enough to satisfy my wife. Women do not arouse me at all, I am turned off by even the most beautiful naked women but can get aroused in an instant at the sight of a naked man.

i can help you. you let me give your wife what she needs and you get a hard seeing my hard meat

love it too ,who is she your wife...

If you are talking about my avatar pic. it's me.

perfect legs no comment the best

I think pre *** is the best.Unless you get someone with really thin ***.YUMMY

My gf love it when I leak precum. She says it tastes so sweet.

I have tried my precum too and its good, but I don't like my *** to much. Maybe I should try to eat more pineapple.