Prostate Massage

I've alway played with my a hole whilst I play with my self. One day my wife went to work and I felt horny and wanted to play, so I got one off my wife's vibrators and gently inserted it to my a hole. Pushing it in and out was nice, but then I tried something different and sat up and was grinding my hip back and forth. The feeling was amazing, I had never felt this before and I wasn't even ************ but I was hard. Then out of the blue the urge was coming and omg I *** and could feel my a hole righting up around the vibrator.

I have since told my wife and she loves it. When I do it know she will lay there sucking me and she madturbates at the same. I can you getting blown at the same as prostate massaging is the best.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

can i borrow your wife

only if you are watching in panties and stockings

i would not have any other way

that rocks