My Rabbit's Life Story

It was born at 17 August. I was still a kid back then so I decided to name it Sarah when in reality it was a boy. But since I was used to that name, I didn't care. Around 2010, I adopted a female rabbit whom I named Choki and both of them fell in love. Soon Choki gave birth to 5 adorable little bunnies, unfortunately, due to my carelessness 4 of them died and only 1 managed to survive. This was when my mom sent Choki and her baby to my grandmother's house, I was okay since I often visit my grandmother's house. One day my mom told me that my auntie's husband decides to give it to his side of his family, at first I was like NO!!!!! NEVER!!!!! But then they told me, its for the baby, maybe it will survive there, because there were more people there to check upon the baby rather than my house or my grandma's.

A year passed, Choki was returned back to me, but for another reason to make it pregnant. I was happy with it since I have my Choki back and Sarah meets his wife again. in 2 months it was pregnant and later gave birth to another 5 baby bunnies. When my mom said that she's gonna send it to my uncle. I objected and said "I will proof to them I can take care of these babies" and my mom just nodded her head. Well the outcome was not good, 3 died and 2 survived...and this time I regretted what I did. If I just listened those babies would still be alive!!

Another year passed and Choki was killed for its meat at my uncles house (Not animal abuse, it was sold to a meat shop) I was really sad and couldn't stop thinking about it. But after few months of studying for a big upcoming exam my mind completely forgot about it. But even if I remember the story I would only show a sad face.

Lastly, Sarah is now 5 years old. He got bitten by red ants for the past few days and his eyes are now hurt. Since I can't go to the vet, I feel very guilty. Leaving it there. When I first adopted it I made a saying "If I die, Sarah dies".

Now I think of it, I feel like, keeping him alive for a long time may actually burden him..what do you think...
JuzSimple JuzSimple
13-15, F
Sep 14, 2012