My Rats...

I've kept fancy rats as pets since 1994, when I was 15. Over the years I've had many, up to 14 at any one time, but I remember each one individually, with many wonderful memories.

Nowadays I have just two - Rebus and Cadfael. Cadfael was born on the 6th March 2007, and Rebus, who shares the same father as Cadfael, was born roughly a week later. Rebus is a variety known as an agouti self, which basically boils down to: brown rat! He has a great pedigree though, lest we mistook him for an urban rat! His half-brother Cadfael is a much more sought-after variety - he's a black-eyed Siamese. He has the same markings as a Siamese cat (seal-point) although his nose is nowhere near as dusky as his bottom!

As for their names, well, they were named after mine and my mother's favourite literary detectives. My fave sleuth is Ian Rankin's Detetctive Chief Inspector John Rebus from Edinburgh's police, and my Mum's is Ellis Peters's Brother Cadfael, a medieval, ex-merchant sailor, herbalist, crimebusting monk!

I love my little boys, they bring me so much pleasure!
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I'm so glad to find someone else on here that adores ratties as much as I do! I have three, Tope, Cyril(the girlies) and Mayonaise the big boy with more balls then brains! I actually think Cyril might be in labour right as we speak! She's acting very strange so now I've got Mayo and Tope together in his Pimp pad with half blocked off because they can't spend the night together without fighting! And now I'm just waiting to see what happens with Cyril... it's now 1:35 A .. almost time to go to bed... or not haha

Lest you two feel utterly alone--I enjoyed our rats. They belonged to my children. Radar was an agouti self, hard for an old pest-controlman's daughter like me to get used to, but the sweetest dearest little homebody. We had two hooded rats, Drac and Sky, also; and one accident that resulted in a big litter of baby hoodies.<br />
<br />
All three succumbed, as rats often will, to the usual maladies at ripe ages. I helped them move on because I couldn't bear to watch them suffer.

I used to have a pet rat named Gumby. I still remember him and miss him so much. He was white with red eyes. He loved me to death and would go everywhere with me riding on my shoulder. He did not like my x husband and so my x husband was scared of him and made me find him a new home. It is funny but I think Gumby hated my x husband because he beat me. Everytime my x was in the same room with him Gumby would go nuts trying to get at him. I left him on my bed one day because he loved to crawl under my stuffed animals and hide and I forgot about him. Well my x came home and Gumby charged him. lol No one was hurt but my x said enough is enough. I gave him to a pet store that did not have any male rats and she promised me she would not sell him. Gumby lived out a very happy life with many, many wives and babies. lol Now that I am remarried I have told my husband I would love to have another rat. They are so sweet and fun to have around.