This Shouldn't Be My Problem

My daughter left our home when she was 19; she's now 21. When she left, we left her alone and let her live her life. Our household is very busy and we don't have time to be embroiled in feuds. After staying at a couple of places, my aunt took her in. Since then, she has caused trouble with our household every chance she has gotten. Several months ago, she and a friend a few years younger sent some vulgar and inappropiate text messages to our phones--particularly my wife's phone. We have proof and her accomplice confessed, but she denied it, and my aunt and parents believe her and pitied her. Now she has done something that may have caused permanent divisions in the family. She accused my son of posting some very foul messages to her online and got my aunt and parents to join her. My aunt left him a nasty voice mail message and sent me two inflammitory e-mail messages. They have no proof or even indication my son wrote these things, and I know for certain that he didn't. I'm not speaking to my aunt until she
hockeydog hockeydog
41-45, M
Mar 6, 2010