Two Hands On Rescues And The Rest Of My Life Devoted To Alerting And Helping The Racing Greyhounds!.

Their grace beauty and love captured my heart when I learnt what they were subjected to the choice was an easy one.In December 2008 I moved to a bigger place and was abel to keep two more hounds than I already had. There was a five year old greyhound that no one wanted. He had been for sale for some months no one paid any attention to him well he was the one I chose to buy and take home. He was sadly neglected almost emaciated he had intestinel parasites urinescaldings on both thighs belly and chest his teeth were blakish grey from tartar. However when I went to pick him up as misrabel as he looked with bewilderment and sadness in his eyes there was something about him that just made me aware that I would not leave him behind ever. He had been through enough. I named him Tristan and he is a marvel. He has been with me ever since that day and he will be nine years old next month. He is very protective of me and our home he is a sweetheart with my other hounds he has a dignity and pride about him that makes me love him with all my heart. He is one of my two hands on rescues the other one is Collin. He is a stunning three year old who was beaten for having his racecard marked. next race he took part in he was disqualified he was a mess when I picked him up very nervous and frightend of men as they were the ones who beat him. he has come a very long way from the nervy two year old i picked up last year in July. He is no longer frightend of men he is confident and happy. He has also been chosen to represent greyhounds in Tivoli this year and we are headed for his first show ever he filled a great void after my Connor left for the Rainbow bridge in June of last year. He died too young most likely as the result of his very hard life before I got him. He went to sleep one lazy afternoon and never woke up again. He is deeply loved and missed. His legacy of love lives on as long as I live there will always be a place for the next needy greyhound who just need that second chance of life. I prefer to do my own rescuing merely because there is a very special bond between the greyhound you rescue and yourself. It is emensly gratifying to see them blossom after a hard loveless life and turn into a happy hound as they deserve to be.
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your a wonderful person to help these dogs xx