3 Months Without My Love

I met my love in Bulgaria. His ship was docking there for a couple of weeks. I never planned something like that to happen to me, but I fell madly in love with a wonderful man that happent to be a sailor. I am Norwegian and he is Dutch and he decided to move to Norway. I loved the idea, and now two years later we are happily living together here. He is the love of my life and I try to be strong, but still I struggle with some things when he is gone. Not being able to pick up the phone and call him feels sometimes heartbraking. I feel selfish because I can not be stronger. I feel sometimes lonely because my friends dont understand that I want this. I feel so lucky to have met someone like him. I really try to keep in touch with him by email, but every trip he is on, the same thing happens. I feel like I dont matter to him, that I have nothing to give to him. In a way I feel insignifigent. I know I am not but the feeling always comes. It`s such a big contrast to stay home without him, alone in the apartment. It almost feels like a different place. What keeps me going is the thought of being in his arms again, and also the thought that this is just temporary. He is allready trying to change it, to have more frequent and longer releivs. In the mean time I try to stay positive, and focuse on my own career and be with my friends and family. I feel lucky to know him and I feel safe with him. Love works in mysterious ways.
meandmyman meandmyman
Aug 7, 2010