I Let Love Go 20 Years Ago

I was 19 and a virgin in 1990 when my cousin asked me at an opening season footnall game if I would meet a friend of her husband that was in the Navy and from upstate NY. Living in Alabama, I laughed and said sure. I was the color guard sponsor and proud of my girls for entering the stadium with confidence. All I knew was Navy and NY so I expected a brief hello and that would be it since I was not a one night stand. As I was walking up the steps to meet this Navy Sailor, our eyes met and for a moment, we were the only ones at the game and he walked into my heart. We talked for hours that night and he traveled 12 hours every other weekend just to see me. I finally decided after a few months to make love with my soulmate. Omg, it was amazing at the lake. We were finally one except I was in Alabama and he was in VIrginia. I was young and started a career and I broke his heart by breaking up with him because I couldn't figure out a way for us to be together. He was my world but he needed to make Navy his priority. I let love go to see if it would come back, 20 years ago so he could let Mother Ocean have control. Last year, mother ocean gave him back to me. A little broken up but I'm blessed he is back alive! He called upon me and I was available after a horrible marriage of 14 years and now the old carefree person is coming back. I forgot to mention I sent him away when he was commissioning a ship and I got him back pier side welcoming him home on his very last deployment. Yes, I saw him coming home after not seeing him for 20 years and I was there waiting for a kiss when he arrived. Our relationship continues from when we were engaged to next month, June 2012, 20 years later, we are going to be united and live together for a year and we have plans to finally be married. I've wanted him my whole life to just enjoy each other and in a few weeks, we're going to finally have it and I can't wait. He retired as a Navy Chief and is a loving Father and soon to be a loving Husband. Thank you Rodney for your selfless service to your country for your country doesn't realize what relationship was put on hold till you completed your career with the US Navy. Wish I knew then what I know now for I would've packed my bags and left my small town to stand beside you. I love you so much and now that I know about life without you, I never want to be apart again. I love you!
Pcbound Pcbound
May 20, 2012