I Love Jesus!!!

 I must say that I wasn't going to write a story originally.  I don't think I am going to spend much time here because no words can describe how I feel about Jesus. He is my savior. He has saved me from so many things that could have gone wrong in my life. Let's not forget that He has saved me from my sins! He is my best friend. When I talk to Jesus, I cry. Not from sadness (unless I am telling Him about a sad event) but just from love and overwhelming emotion. He is my shelter. I feel safe in Him. I can go anywhere and know that I am safe with my Lord. He is my perfect love. Jesus is the only form of true and undying love and He loves me! He loves everyone! I sometimes just can't take it all in. He is my comfort. He is with me when my heart is breaking. He knows my pain.He cries with me and holds each and every one of my tears. He knows everything about me. I'm sure there are things that I don't even know! lol :) He is my everything. I have no more words but He knows exactly how I feel. He knows how you feel. Isn't He amazing? 
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Thanks for sharing, as the most wonderful thing is happen to all humanity, Jesus, God the Son, came sent by God the Father, to give his Sacred life to forgive our sins, and let us know how great his love is for us, and left us with his Spirit, God the Holy Spirit, to help us each day live in his grace and accept the love he give us each second of our lives, even when we are doing wrong things, he is there ready to helps us go back to Him, and renew our love for Him

So true... more people should follow Jesus thier lives and this world would be a better place if they did.

He is amazing. Amen to that.<br />
thank you for sharing :]