My Other Self~
The dew drips lightly from her toes with every step, through the deep green grass. Dandelions caress her bare ankles and sway from her touch as if beckoning her to return; as I would, blessed with such a pleasure. She is light and graceful, carrying the lovely scent of morning in the wake of her flowing hair. There has never been a more elegant presence to behold.

I am watching her meander, arms swaying gently, with the rhythm of her pendulous hips. At first her path appears aimless; though, when her gaze meets mine, her destination is suddenly, thrillingly apparent. She is coming to me. My already-racing heart pounds furiously in my chest and I find my mouth has gone dry. I feel the fluttering of butterflies fill me, compromising my balance and concentration.

In moments, she is before me, halting her waltz so pleasurably as if gliding. He cool fingers are light breaths of wind intertwining with mine. I am stunned and audibly gasp from the electricity between us. Leaning forward, our lips unite, and instantly I am lost. Her lips part mine, the taste of her tongue, indescribable – my hunger voracious, as I yearn to consume her as she consumes me.

She is my other self – the one who knows the love and desire of others. The one who never forgets what is it to be taken; and, sometimes she falls upon my heart, reminding me in glorious, painful detail what it is to be wanted and intensely cared for. When I feel her moving within me, I am overcome, escape being unthinkable even before I realize it is hopeless.

She has known the wanderings of reckless longing, from a lover’s expressions and ministrations. She has seen the burning in his eyes, only as one who has beheld her soul. And, when she reminds me, I crumble under the weight of that need – the emptiness that is the whole of me – that may only be allayed within the warmth of a devoted heart.
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