i keep seeing all these groups and these poor people that have a sexless marrige, or are unhappy with their sexlife, and its sad cuz its such a wonderful thing, i dont understand how SOOOOOO many people could just go without for soo long? WHY IS THIS? WHY ARE PEOPLE MARRIED AND NOT DOING IT? i mean i know its normal for it to slow down, but stop? holy ****! that would suck! and i am going to say that i love my sex life! its fun! its awesome! and its gonna stay regardless of wether we get married or not!

whooooo sex! lol :P

pinknailpolish89 pinknailpolish89
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hahaha ;) you tell 'em!

hahaha ^_^ thats funny! (i cant imagine it ethier)<br />
congradulations by the way, that must be exciting!

LOL! Me and my fiance always joke that when we get married in October we're gonna start the group "I have too much sex in my marriage" because we definitely can't see a life without sex! I think I care about it more than him sometimes.