Sex Toys

I love sex...but it never feels as good as i can make myself feel by using sex toys and watchin **** . maybe its just that i dont choose partners that are sexual enough to want to try new things. I love trying new things and feeling good. No one i have been close with has felt this way and i love feeling good and being sexual. Am i all alone and wanting to be this way or am i just meeting the wrong people?
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2011

As a healthy married guy, I say just be your self. Being into self pleasure is a great stress reliever and it puts you in touch with your self and that is a key to being a great lover. knowing how your body responses to stimulation will help you steer your lovers in the right direction. and when you find your self needing some attention who better then you to make it all warm and wet!!!.<br />
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Go ahead and do what feels good to you its free and no one gets hurt and you will always have a smile when you cuddle up to sleep.

I am a guy and yet, from that perspective, I have a good feeling that I completely understand what you're feeling. The joy is something else when I'm with my self. Its not your fault. Time, when you meet someone who's willing to get you and themselves excited over things... so random and spontaneous, hopefully sometime soon, will blow your mind away!<br />
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So, no. You are NOT all alone, rest assured. :)

My wife and i enjoy the toys. when two lovers use them on each other the same time then neither is left out.