My Favorite

In my photos is a picture of my favorite toy. It is a small vibrator that goes up my ***, shaped like an L part of it preses on my my prostrate if I get it just right and the bottom part vibrates my taint, causing my balls, *** checks, **** and pelvic region to vibrate, with the greatest vibrations in my ***. Now I do love things in my *** but this is a special love. It has a small button on the bottom that will cycle it through several different speeds and modes. Being the exact right size I can insert it, and it stays in my *** with or without my pants on. I wear lo-rise girls jeans usually, nice and snug in my crotch and with my vibrator in, no room for a hard on. So when it gives me a hard ****, it pops out the top of the waist band. Lifting my arms in places raises my t-shirt to let me expose myself which makes me even hornier to know that others are looking at my **** that I am "accidentally" exposing.

My toy has a switch on it in the front facing down. Sitting in a restaurant on a padded seat, (never a wooden bench :) I can turn it on and off just by leaning forward while sitting down. Needless to say after an extended period of time with it in my ***, I need release. When that happens I like to be stretched out on a chair or sofa with a hot friend between my legs, laying with my balls, jacking me off and varied sucking. When the time comes for my ******, I naturally raise my hips, which causes the back of the toy to press down, and mashing the lobe inside of me on my prostrate. The vibration from that even without the stimulation from the friend is adequate for me to see stars. The most intense ******* ever thought to be possible like some description out of a womans magazines, I do see stars, moaning, shaking and I am completely exhausted physically after the experience.

While I enjoy sharing my toys with others, using my toys to generate great ******* for them. I will not share this one.
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Fabulous sweetie