My Special Mom

Ever since I was a young teen, I felt very close to my mom. I'm 54 now and still feel that way. She was always there for me as a friend, a teacher, a mom. My feeling for her grew with each passing year. I know most young boys have feelings like this for their moms and they grow out of it and meet a girl and settle down.

I seemed to just want to be around her or I would compare the girls I would date to her. She is beautiful and so very sexy. Sometimes, mom would be in my thoughts while I was dating and her advise would ring in my head. I guess my sexy mom had a lot of influence over me but I am married and have settled down.

My mom will always be close to me and she will always be my friend. I love my sexy mom.

jmb909 jmb909
51-55, M
Nov 27, 2012