Just brought her home from the Humane Society today. She's a pure-bred blue-merle sheltie named Willow. She has one brown eye and the other eye is half brown and half ice blue! Some horrible person dumped her and her brother out on the street. When she got to the Humane Society she was matted and filthy, but she's gorgeous now! I have been looking for a dog and nothing had worked out. They all seem to be some form of pit bull or beagle up here. Nothing against either, except beagles bark a lot and I live in an apartment. And pit bulls have a bad rep that makes my landlord not excited about them living here. I had seen an ad for a white shepherd online and went to look at her on Tuesday, but she was out at the vet. I looked around anyway and saw this little sheltie who had just come in. She's about 6 years old and it was love at first sight for both of us. She was listed as very timid, but she snuggled right up next to me and let me rub her tummy! She got fixed yesterday and today came home with me. The cat hates her. Hopefully they will get past that. Otherwise she is constantly by my side, loves her walks, loves to be petted. I think it was just meant to be...we'd been to the Humane Society a dozen times looking for a dog, and this time it was like she was put there just for me! Welcome to your wonderful new life, Willow!
swirlingmist swirlingmist
51-55, F
Aug 5, 2010