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i've had my dog, sally, for 7 years, and she is the absolute love of my life. i'd never had a dog before her, but had wanted one all my life. when i was 14, a friend of my aunt's, who breeds shih tzus, mentioned that a new litter of pups had been born. shih tzus are loyal, friendly, and great with all people, including children. their hair grows very quickly (sally gets hers trimmed monthly so it's a fairly short puppy cut), but they don't shed. we decided it'd be the perfect breed to join our family.

as soon as we saw them, it was instant love. sally was the smallest and gentlest of the litter. she'd always step aside and let the others go ahead of her up the stairs, and she shared her treats with the other pups. she's the sweetest, most loving girl in the world, and i couldn't imagine my life without her.



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My little Shih Tzu is lying next to me in bed - as is the case many nights, She has a basket underneath the bedroom desk, under the window, by the radiator and another bed in the living room, athough she prefers to occupy the sofa with me, I love this little girl with a my heart and beyond.<br />
I inherited my little Zoe, 8 years ago, from my Grandma, when Zoe was 6 years old - She is now 14 years old and starting to show her age, When I take her for a walk, up the hill to the local shops, I take her bag now, as she is getting slow and tierd much faster, love her and don't want to loose her. It has been just Zoe and I for the past 8 years, walking together, without a lead, sleeping together and dare I say eating together. I ave to hand fead her carrot to get her taste buds going and then she eats chicken or ham as an everyday meal.....<br />
It is late and I will be writing more at a later time - but must write off now as my sleeping tablet is taking effect.. Love Hazel and Zoe xxx Goodnight xxx I'll be sure to make it more entertaining when I write next, not so slushy about my best friend!! xx

thank you, everyone! :) they are very sweet little dogs, and smart too! there are certain humans who could learn a lot from them! ;)<br />
<br />
and yes, i do need to post some pics! when she goes to the groomers, she comes back decked out in a scarf for whatever holiday is coming up. she's quite a festive girl!

They are adorable dogs.

She sounds precious! Little dogs are so cute. :-)