Poor Sim Died

My sim died today while fixing his computer in Sims II apartment life.  He died of a total electric shock.  I am so mad! 

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Ahhhhhh, I hate that! I haven't had someone get electrocuted in a long time thankfully.<br />
All of my first-generation sims in one of my two towns are all becoming elders now :(

Sims are not real. They are just representations of people that you control on the computer, that are in many ways a lot like you. They have a bladder, hunger, need of rest, need of love, and a need of fun. Plus, they also have goals, such as to raise a family or to have a good career. The sims can also have pets! When your sim dies, he or she is put in an "urn" or buried in a Sims burial plot. The others in the Sims group often cry for the poor sim that died. Then they don't get to work on time, and your sim gets fired. And the downward spiral persists. So does that answer your question?

We'll the title says it all.... sims. Simulation. Just of humans and you play the role of god

Will there be a sims funeral? I guess not without sim. What a problem. I've never played sims. I've wanted to play. Just never did. Maybe I should. hmmm.

thankfully you don't need to.

Oh Gid...I love this game!! It gives me such a break from my real life for a little while...and it's addicting! Let's start a Sims group!!!