But Dont Tell Her.

My sister never got on with our dad, in fact it seemed like he had it out for her from day one, he is the one who came up with the nastiest nicknames, who shunned her the most, made life most difficult for her, and no one seems to know why, because he was kinda ok to me and my brother.

Neither my brother or I really got on with her when she was young, she was a total terror, probably just to get attention. She grew up and calmed down later though, but no one gave her much of a chance, to this day our dad still sees her as the attention seeking 2 year old. By the time my sister reached secondary school she was really not doing well, she was miserable, probably depressed, thinking about self harm, and it fell to me to be there for her. By that point our mum had withdrawn somewhat, working on her own little depression (it runs in the family) our dad was never there for her emotionally, and our brother never really cared unless it somehow benefited him.

So day after day when she broke down, i was there to pick her up, and later, every holiday when i was home from university, I would cheer her up, and give her advice, and support, sometimes even over the phone from uni. I am even the one who helped her get a boyfriend, she did all the work, i just blackmailed her to help her over the nerves, basically "if you dont tell him i will"

We really bonded over all this, and she told me a couple years ago that i was almost like a 2nd dad to her, which was surprising, and touching, since i never saw it like that.

Now skip to the present day. We have almost identical personalities, and she trusts me completely. Im not kidding here, she trusts me without question. Anything i tell her, she believes me, anything i ask her to do, even if its potentially dangerous she trusts that its for the best. I even asked her to tell me if a mutual friend of ours ever mentions a certain name ever, and she didnt even ask me why*.

It is strange having someone in this world that really trusts me, whatever i say or do. She never judges me. Even when we argue, even as kids, the arguments can get pretty bad, but eventually the argument will run out of steam and we will end up friends again like nothing happened, and though she doesnt have the best self-esteem, she is brimming with potential.

She is the smartest and most responsible person in our family, she plays guitar, flute and she plays the piano to an impressive standard, i managed to teach her basic quantum mechanics when she was 12, she volunteers with St John's ambulance, has hundreds of hours under her belt, and St John's Ambulance service keeps breaking rules to give her more responsibility, she got a personal recommendation from the deputy director of a hospital, has a healthy irreverence to the world, and wants to be a doctor, and there is no way she wont succeed. All this by 17, and she looks up to me, trusts me. A sibling so intimidating i gave up competing with her years ago, trusts me without question. It still throws me a bit how trusting she is of me.

When i think about it it is kind of like a parent thing. She trusts me, looks up to me, grew up to have a very similar personality... I still dont know what i did to earn all this trust and reverence from someone who has such an irreverence to everything else.

Now the big secret reveal: I would never tell her except in moments of dire provocation, but i am really proud of my little sister, and am very glad we are such good friends. I count her in the top 3 friends i have ever had, and that is lofty company i assure you. We are open with each other, things we dont tell others for fear of being judged, we can tell each other. Of course, there are several things that i tell to no one, ever, except here, but on the list of people who know me well, she is a close 2nd place. Many people seem seriously surprised how close we are.

Now there is a good chance she will be coming to my university to study, and i couldn't be happier. I get my sister back :D I thought it was goodbye except for occasional visits home when i decided to stay in this town.
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It's amazing how it only takes one person to make a difference and make you realize that your life is worth turning around. You are definitely one of those people for your sister. When she gets to school you should really tell her how proud you are of her. She has had enough tough love in her life from her family so it would be great for her to hear it from you. Seeing that she is a very giving person she may take it as a shock but I'm positive she will appreciate it.

It is not the way of my family, when my brother passed his driving test, my dad had a set of flats prepaired, they looked like: "Lucky" and "fLuke" basically the lower-case letters written onto mini L plates. They still hang in our parents house. At any family gathering it is like verbal fencing, it is fun, its how we communicate. She knows i am proud of her, but i must never tell her :P