Who Ordered The Sentimental Pie With Extra Cheese Topping?

When we were little we used to fight so much. Sometimes the fights even got physical. I was a strong little girl, trust. She would usually be the one to tell on me. :P

We would find anything to argue about. It seemed like we had nothing in common. I guess it sort of has to do with our appearances...we look nothing alike. People would comment on that all the time. And every time both of us would meet with a mutual friend or family member, it seemed like they were always trying to figure it out. That thing that we had in common as sisters. "Your teeth!...are...different actually....... Your eyes! Different colors but the shape...no not similar... Ah, I know what it is! Your voices! They're nasally!"

It's not great to always be compared to someone but it's not something that I can escape. Sometimes I wish that I could be like her because there are many great qualities she has, while at the same time I hope that I can avoid the mistakes she's made. My sister is freaking awesome, if sometimes self-absorbed, boisterous, talkative, domineering. I guess it happened like this: since she was always two years older, she was always the one to talk first. Because literally she was talking before I was. I guess she got used to that and would talk for both of us. That wasn't always great for me, socially or psychologically. But that's what happened and I can't escape the past either.

She's two years older so she's always sort of been protective of me. It's great that she can cover for me, particularly to our parents. We have a bond that can only be described as sisterly. Really, we understand each other really well. Our senses of humor are completely in sync too, sometimes embarrassingly so.

She is older than me so I am able to experience more through her. She works in the city so she has helped to make me comfortable there. I am becoming increasingly more independent and I can definitely attribute a lot of that growth to her. It's good to have someone so close that's just a bit older than you so you can kinda see firsthand what kind of experiences may be coming up.

I used to think of my sister as much greater than myself - unreal. She was the smart one, the confident one, and I was "the other sister." Finding my own identity in my family and in my world, though, I have learned to respect her much more beyond my superior. Now I love her because I realize we are equals. In the past we compared ourselves through our tastes and our interests. Now, we see how similar we are because of our past experiences. There's no one who can really understand about my past like my sister can. It's a special bond. :)
theroadtohello theroadtohello
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010