Beloved Mine

My Wife, then my Mother, then my Son were all my Beloved forever more. They are gone now. They Found Life in their End. Now it is just my Baby sister, but then She has always been my Beloved. My Heart of Hearts. Yeah, she has always been My Baby. I took care of her, I raised her, she is mine. She can do no wrong. I do not know how to elaborate, disclose, impart my adoration, devotion and delight in my Baby, sister.
For Real ' To Know Her Is To Love Her '. She has always been there for me, more then I for her. Her and I are the last of our kind. The gifts that were apportion to us we really never used.  A Spiritual Gift extramundane if you will. Understand!!
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Thank you Liz. She, now, truly is my my all.

So sad that you have lost your love ones .It's great that you have a sister that you cherish helping you through all that.