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Spying On Sister

evry night when i came in from school i walked past my sisters room (leah) and  i could see throught the crack in a door her getting changed one day i saw her in her panties rubbing herself through them and i got a ***** so i stayed and wanked then i went upstairs i loved her panties they where so hot the next day i came home and she wasnt in so i went in her room and the pants from yesterday where in the top off the washing basket so i licked them wanked and went upstairs after i went upstairs to my room then she came home about half an hour later and said ur mum and dad have gone on holiday and im going to anyas for the night so behave and i said ok as soon as i herd the door shut i went downstairs and went throught her draws and found the sexyist pair of panties then i went in anothe and got the matching bra i then putt them on with her school uniform and whent in the bathroom and stuffed the bra when i came out of the bathroom she was stood right in front off me she giggled and went into her room so i went upstairs an got changed and put the clothes putside her room my mum and dad where away for 2 months on a buisnes trip so she came up later and said anyas ill im in for tonight so put this on so i went downsairs and looked in the bag she had givven me it had some frilly panties and girls clothes mini skirt and a tight tank top and fake **** so i dressed like a woman and founed a wig in the bag putt it and some makeup on so i went upstairs and she was wearing my clothes so i said what are you doin and she said quite bithc and then we fuckked for 3 hours it was amazing and then we ****** evryday for the whole 2 months and she has booked a 6 month holiday for my mum and dad for next year carnt wait xxxxxxxxx
matthew123456789 matthew123456789 18-21, M 6 Responses Aug 22, 2011

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I think girls knickers are much more comfortable, light and fresh, and you breathe better downstairs if you know what I mean.

I agree and they are more comfortable to wear after or during sex

Too true, it great that your sister let's you wear her sweet knickers.

Yeh I'm very great full

Did you pop her cherry...


Yes I always wore a full women's outfit

did she ever make you wear her knickers during sex.

Yes all the time she still does

i was on top

was you on top or was it her, during the sex then.