We're Bestfriends

I love my sister so much, we're like twins. The whole family was born on Detroit, Michigan, but me and her are the only 2 in the family born in Phoenix, Arizona. ( Or Arizona for that matter. )

Me and her were also both born in July and 10 days and 3 years apart. We think exactly the same , it's funny. We don't even have to speak to understand each other. Sometimes, we get into arguments because we go about things differently even though we both think and feel the same way.

Me and her are both estranged from the family too. I don't know. I love her and I think I would commit suicide without her. I know it sounds weird, but we've never been separated. EVER.

<3 I even want her to die the same time as me or me die the same time as her.
If the end of the world comes soon, I want to die together or not die at all together.

Everything together. L0l..except the private stuff!
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Dec 13, 2012