I Wish She Felt The Same

Me and my sister used to be really close when we wereyounger, but something happened. I have no idea when it started or why. All of a sudden I was just the most wasteful human being in the world to her. My parents said she would come around after collge, and then she graduated and she still glared at me when I walked into the same room as her. Then they said after she came homee from OCS, well she was better for awhile, a little nicer... But we're back to the mean comments and subtle glares. My parents said she's jealous of me, but there is absolutly no reason for her to be jealous. I mean, I want to be just like her basically there's no way jealousy is the reason.

I never act mean back to her either. Not ever! I used to avoid her when she still was in high school because I hated the feeling that my sister didn't like me and I had no idea why. I'm scared to approach her because I know anything out of her mouth toward me is going to be nasty...

I wish my sister loved me because I always looked up to her. It sucks when your role model hates you lol
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Jan 12, 2013