My Biggest Sister And My Childhood

i have three sisters they are bigger than me when i was a child, woman's body was very strange to me, because their body were different and i was curious to see one of them,that lady was my biggest sister who was very kind to me and addition she got married and has a baby five years younger than me.but i wasn't very rude to ask her,sis please show me your whole body, so one day i made a plan: when she was feeding my niece with her breast,i asked why you have two big breasts but man don't have them???? she paused with little smiling on her lips and said because of my kids and i used them for feeding,i asked again can i try it???this time she looked me with her wide eyes but agreed she didn't want to discomfort me, so i caught another boob in my hands it was so hot and very soft and started to suck it, her milk wasn't delicate but i wanted so much.after several minutes my sister said wait my kids is asleep she took him to his little bed and came back to me and said do you want to eat more?i said yes so she took of her T-shirt and her bra, and lay back and after that said come and eat,when i was sucking her breast she was touching her pants and shaking but i stopped and asked what happened? she said nothing do it so i continued my sucking,she held my hair tightly and suddenly shook her whole body...i didn't know how long i was asleep but when i woke up it was dark and i was laying between my sis and my niece.
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Jan 14, 2013