We Call Her Dandie.

Dandie is my sister. All my life I thought she was better than me because that's how people made it seem. But over the years we learned how much we really needed each other to stay strong, she showed me that although we look completely different, we enjoy pretty much the opposite things is that she was a true friend.
Although around my father I will always see her as being better because everyone loves her so. But it's the fact that this amazing person calls me her best friend.
We got over our differences and in the end we are exactly the same. We share the same problems, we are there for each other when we cry, the best time I have is sharing a beer with her and acting stupid, or smoking ciggs and ranting about how much we hate boys.

In the end she'll always be there for me, when she leaves the house isn't quite the same, it doesn't have the life that it does when she's here. I find myself a better person because of her, I feel like I'm worth something, that I'm actually funny and smart and a good person.

I don't know what I would do without her, and if you met her, you would know she's pretty much the best person you would ever meet.

We had our differences, and rough times, I still feel a bit jealous but I wouldn't trade her for anyone else in the world.


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