My baby sister is the BOMB! Besides always being there for me she is also there for the community. We share our love for helping others however in different ways. I volunteer and join every group that requests my help however I decided to have a family and therefore travel is not an option. She, on the other hand, graduated college while traveling the country for various causes, joined the Peace Corps to teach families in Africa ways to avoid aids and other issues and works fulltime for two non profit organizations. But today, just a bit ago, I got the ultimate call from her. My baby sister found out that she's a match and will be donating a kidney to a friends son who would otherwise not make it another year.

She wanted to tell me in private and was concerned about my opinion. What do I think... OMG FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE AND MORE! She is my idol, my saint, my angel and the one that I bow to! I am currently helping her get grant money and assistance for one of her organizations through my company and hope that I can do more for her in the future. To give so much of herself just amazes me!

Just had to give a shout out to my baby sis!!! Love ya darlin'!

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I admire you both -you are wonderful human beings.

Great story! I'm happy for all of you. What a great gift - the ultimate - life.

Oh that's not a bad idea... his insurance covers the medical but she might not have vacation/FMLA time for her days out of work. I know of a few that I'll check them out. <br />
<br />

Wow that made my eyes well up. You should put her up for one of those hero's that make a difference awards. Seriously the publicity would probably make it a lot easier to raise funds.

Yeah I think I'm gonna keep her... she's just a baby but has done a lot in just a few years. :)

she sounds like a wonderful sis- I am so glad that you have her!!!

She's my hero... traveling and speaking for those who cannot and giving so much of herself! Not sure where we came from but two peas in a pod for sure!