I Love My Sister... But I Would Not Want To Be Her Daughter...

A couple years ago I came to the terrifying conclusion that I would not want to be my sisters daughter. My poor sister... She had to take care of one of those baby-simulators for her child development class. Which of course, I thought was rather exciting at first! Most everyone knows that I have some mild obsession with adopting a baby girl and named Hannah Grace... Well, at first I was actually jealous of her school project! I'm sure that sounds completely weird...

She was so sweet about sharing him with me though! She let me hold him for a few minutes, and even name him for her! Once the crying started though, I immediately handed him back to her. (Nice sister I am, yes? I wasn't thinking.) I had a couple of errands I needed to take care of, so I went on with my day without giving it much of a second thought.

I did see her in passing several times though, and for the first couple of hours she was doing beautifully! She seemed determined to get an A on this project. She even decided to sleep downstairs, (across from my apartment), so that our parents wouldn't awaken from the crying simulator child. Well, by morning I decided to pay her a visit. I walked over to where she had slept only to find her smacking the kid, and screaming at it to shut up!

"Sissy? What are you doing?" I ask her as gently.

"I'm burping it!" she replies, but the look on her face told a different story. She proceeded to inform me of how the child had woken her up just about every two hours throughout the night. She barely slept because all it wanted to do was eat. "I'm done with this project!" she exclaimed. (She may have in-fact used a couple of more colorful adjectives in her exclamation, but I will allow the reader to improvise as needed.)

After leaving the war-zone, I went upstairs to discuss the situation with my father. Even from upstairs the screams of the simulator child could be heard throughout the house. As it whined louder and louder, my sisters demands became louder as well. My father just raised an eyebrow at me as I entered the room, and before we had a chance to speak my sister had stomped up the stairs as well. "I've had enough!" she proclaimed dropping the child onto the kitchen floor. She grabbed the keys, and headed for her car. Neither of us dared to stop her. The child had finally shut up!

My father and I watched in amusement... That was until she pulled away, and the baby in the kitchen started crying all over again. Of course, that's when the phone rings. When my father answers it, the baby screams louder! Needless to say, my jealousy of this particular project had disappeared within seconds. I have however learned that I am quite happy not to be my sisters daughter!

She still fully intends to have a child, but says she will adopt a four year old. Not only that, but if it doesn't behave, she's sending the poor child to boot camp! I still want to adopt a little girl someday too, but even I am thinking a one year old maybe preferable to a newborn.

Anyway, I absolutely love my sister!

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Thanks for sharing,difficult one.

What an interesting reaction she gave and you should really think if her having a child is a good idea Haha. Funny story, though.