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Skirt And Dress Blowing

I think this is my all time favorite sexual fetishes. I've allways love to see skirts and dresses blowing in the wind. I've heard it being called !!The Marlyn Moment!!. As a crossdresser that is why all my skirts and dresses are of the full style so any light breeze will blow them up. My favourites are the pleated skirts which blow nicely and the full circle skirts. I like this so much that when i get the oppertunity---I stand over a fan just to see and feel my skirts blowing up. If i was a woman i don't think i'll mind my skirts or dresses blowing up. I watch any videos that come up on the net on this subject as again---I'ts my all time favourite sexual fetish.
gownlover gownlover 56-60, M 12 Responses Jul 24, 2011

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I do love the very same thing you love! Can you send me the vids please?

I love midi and maxi pleated skirts and dresses in light fabrics (silk, chiffon...) blowing hard in the wind and suddenly inflating all around! i'd like to watch many of this kind of videos!

I've become currious to the skirts and dresses in heavy winds do to seeing my girlfriend back in the late 1980's through 1990's wearing a button front dress made of rayon challis. It had a folded collar similar to a button front shirt. It had the drop shoulder style with the rather loose long button cuff sleeves - similar to the Bigshirt. This particular one she had on had flowed down to the hem seamlessly, flaring gently to the hem. There were tie strings on the sides for a fitted look, but she left it tied loose for a very relaxed fit. The skirt would hang down just above her feet with the last button very close to the hem. Her best friend also worn the same kind/style dress in silk habutia. The two walked past me as if the wind wasn't blowning that strong. But the science teacher had a portable hand held 3-cup anemometer and the wind was squeezing between the two tall buildings with a speed of 67 mph (2 minutes average speed). I had on jeans and a denim jacket. The science teacher had a hard time holding her arm out holding the 3-cup anemometer as her very billowy sleeves of her rayon poet blouse flapping like mad. Poet blouses were at that time extremely popular in our school. Whether silk, satin or rayon. Some had polyester too. A few wore the liquid gold, silver or copper fabrics with either matching ankle length skirts or rather baggy softly taper pants. Any who... the two girls in the dresses walked pass with with little problems. Their dresses billowed outward like a button front bigshirt barely tucked in. According to the science teacher, the fabric being blown back well behind them allowed the wind to move more freely around them reducing drag. So ever since that day I've become rather curious to such clothes in rather to very windy weather. Seeing the flag on a very windy day flexing the pole makes me think that a garment like a skirt with very baggy blouse or a very relaxed dress would be the opposite - making it far more difficult to walk or stand. And my curiousity isn't just skirts or dresses, it also includes rather to very loose pants too. Say like the drawstring pants with the very relaxed straight legs made from fabrics like rayon (mostly) satin or knits. Be kinda kool to meet of with a gal that at least enjoys a good blustery day wearing some baggy clothing. But I don't see that happening any time soon.

I love to read the stories and experiences of women who have been caught out in gale force winds.Thank you gwtw for pointing me in the direction of "Used to think the wind would blow me away".There are some great stories.I have posted one myself which I hope people like.
There has hardly been a breath of wind here recently,but up in Scotland they have just had major gales and 60-65 mile an hour winds
There was only one thing for it.I had to go there to enjoy the experience
Once settled into my hotel by the sea ( so I'd experience the strongest winds ) I chose the dress I would wear for the ocassion.It was a backless, gold, calf length silk dress with an incredibly full pleated skirt.
I wore my long blonde hair down knowing that to control both my hair and dress in such strong winds would be impossible
And sure enough I was right.The moment I stepped ouside the wind hit me,blowing from right to left,sending my hair whipping across my face and my dress around my legs.At this point the wind was probably only around 30-35 mph.
I started to walk with the wind at my back so my hair would blow forward around my face and the pleated skirt pressed hard against the back of my legs.
The next think I know the wind in increasing in strength and soon I'm struggling to stay upright.
I'm wearing high heel shoes which is making balancing very difficult
I'm enjoying the wind in my hair and the sound and feel of my dress being owned by the strengthening wind.
Then suddenly the wind whipped my dress right up over my head,whipping my face.
The feel of the pleated silk against my face felt so good
Then,when I tried to push the pleated silk down I found that no matter how hard I tried I didn't have the strength to be able to try and gather up the skirt.
I was starting to panic now as the wind was still increasing and forcing my dress up higher and higher.Then the wind just blew me backward and I landed on my back.The dress now blowing all over me and my face.I rolled over onto my front and tried to get to my feet,but the wind just kept holding me down and now the dress was flapping over my head.
Finally the wind dropped enough for me to get to my feet.I gathered up the skirt as best I could and looked around to see if anyone had seen what had happened.Luckily there was no one in sight.
I carried on walking,my hair still blowing like crazy around my head,but I wasn't going to let go of my dress for anything
I found my way to a bar and got out of the wind for a while.I sat in the window reliving the experience and watching other women battling with skirts and dresses,although none were wearing a calf length pleated silk dress.
Oh! and some one had seen my dress get blown over my head.A guy came up to me and said he'd tried not to look but was just mezmorised by the battle I was having with my dress and hair.
He said not to be embarrassed as I looked very sexy
I thanked him and old him to keep looking out of the window as I was going to leave now and no doubt the wind would once again own my hair and dress
I was right.My dress blew up half a dozen times on the way back
I took a number of pleated silk skirts and dresses with me,of various lengths so watch out for some more experiences

Hi, My name is Walka. Where are U from?

Hi Walka

I live in the UK

I'd like seeing a woman wearing such clothes in exceptionally windy weather, but not so much as to having their skirts or dresses flying upwards. Don't understand why that so great. Had a girlfriend in Jr High that purposely wore rayon skirts with very baggy blouses/tops of silky fabrics or very relaxed fitted ankle length dresses of rayon when it's windy. But she never had issues with her garments blowing upwards. Those poet blouses with those huge billowy elastic ruffle cuff sleeves were something else. There she would have a facefull of fabric with those wide ruffly round neck collar of those blouses. She always wore those blouses barely tucked in.

Dear Sarahbee1001 , <br />
<br />
Just read your story , very well written . I have had several windy experiences . If you would be interested in them , please check the EP site , " Use to think the wind could blow me away " . My job required I dress appropriately , and I often found myself fighting to keep my dresses and skirts down and retain my modesty , or try to . If you care to , please google the site "windy vent " and watch the wind lift the woman's chiffon dress up . I have a dress just like that one , and the same thing happened to me . Hope you enjoy them . Take care now .<br />
<br />
gwtw <br />
( I took this name because somedays I was literally gone with the wind ) !

i love to feel silk blowing around my face. i should wear my silk skirt more. i love the idea of a silk skirt or dress long enough that when the wind blows it up, it blows into your face. so glad to know i'm not the only woman who feels like this! i see a lot of the videos on youtube with this are crossdressers. they are gorgeous and i usually envy them but i like to see men in suits in strong winds too. still the crossdressers have some of the best clothes! i always want to tell people to make sure they have something else they're trying to manage - an umbrella or a hat or something so that their hands aren't free to hold the skirt down. let it blow up, blind them, pull them off balance, let it whip up over your head! short skirts are cute, but there's just not enough there to blow around to satisfy me. having to try to control your hair as well as a long full silk skirt. the idea of what you all experience is enough to make me like girls!

I love to see Beautiful woman on a windy day in full silk,shimmering satin or pleated skirts which swirl and sway as they walk allowing the light to shimmer of the silken sheen as the skirts flow back and forth allowing the silken pleats to open and close causing the silk to glisten and shine as it does its dance of twists and twirls before closing in a silken mass as the cool skirt cloapses around the legs like a cascading waterfall ready for the next swish or swirl.

Had to write and tell you about my latest experience with the gale force winds we've had recently<br />
I had reently bought a gold coloured ,calf length, silk dress with the most incredible pleated skirt<br />
OMG! the wind just took control of it from the moment I got out of my car<br />
Within seconds the skirt was whipping around my was all I could do to stay standing.<br />
My hair was whipped across my face and as I tried to gain some control over it the wind took full advantafge and blew my dress right up over my head and then blew the skirt back into my face.<br />
I could hardly breath as it blew the pleated silk into my mouth.<br />
I managed to turn my back on the wind and as I did so I was blown to the ground with my dress blowing over my head.At one point I was certain the dress was going to be blown off.<br />
The wind dropped enough for me to regain my feet.The wind hadn't finished with my dress yet.<br />
As I walked back to my car the wind must have gusted to around 40 miles an hour at least as it blew the skirt up again.I fought hard to push the skirt down but it was impossible.The strength of the wind and the fullness of the skirt made it impossible<br />
I felt myself coming at the pure exitement of my dress being controlled by the wind.<br />
I reached my car and battled to open the door with the wind blowing from behind sending the front of my dress flying over the roof of the car<br />
Once I got in the car I waitied for a while and then wend back out again.<br />
Can't wait till the next time

To be blown off your feet and onto the ground sounds more like a 70 to 80 mph wind versus 40 mph. A girlfriend I had in Jr High back in the late 1980's wore lots of skirts and dresses in high winds mostly made from Rayon Challis. She absolutely loved that fabric. And it was such a wild fabric in heavy winds of 50 to 70 mph.

I like the feel of skirt blowing round legs when in back garden,wear mid thigh length flowing skirts.

It's good to know that there are other women out there that enjoy the thrill of having their skirts blown by the wind<br />
I'd love to hear of your experiences.<br />
Just recently I was wearing my favourite red calf length pleated silk skirt when I left work and the wind was really blowing hard.<br />
The wind whipped my skirt all around my legs and my long straight hair was blown all over my face so I couldn't see.<br />
When I tried to hold my hair back the wind blew my skirt right up over my head.<br />
It took several attempts to pull my skirt back down,as I really enjoy the fight with my skirt against the wind<br />
Whilst I walked to my car the wind blew my skirt up several times.<br />
When I got to my car the wind was blowing my skirt up so hard I stuggled to get the car door open<br />
The next thing I know a friend from work had seen what was happening and helped me with my skirt while I got in the car,even though her own skirt ws getting blown about.<br />
It all felt so sexy

Sounds like allot of fun.

I understand this completely and have stood near a fan and fantasized, too. I guess there's a bit of Marylin in all of us...

Do you have any stories of when you've been out on really windy days and your skirt has blown up.I'd love to hear about them.

Any skirt fluttering in the breeze is very sweet indeed. And I do love knowing that I can now be that attractive woman looking sexy in the wind too.

I know several females that enjoy this as a fetish too. I always love my skirt blowing up and trying to be modest in holding it down.

I remember the first time I found out that having my skirt blown up was so sexy.
I was at a ballroom dance class and the teachers liked you to wear long flowing skirts.I chose a black below the knee length pleated skirt.Whilst I was in the class the wind had built to a gale outside.When I left the class the wind took complete control of my pleated skirt and my long hair that I was wearing down.I remember fighting with my hair with one hand and trying to hold down my skirt with the other.But the longer the wind blew my skirt the more I began to enjoy it.From that day on I have alway worn a long pleated silk skirt or a silk dress with a pleated skirt whenever it's windy.Luckily I live on the coast so it's very often windy.Tell me about your experiences with the wind blowing your skirts

i would love to see you struggling to hold your skirts down in a gale, this turns me on so much, make me very erect when i see this happen.