I was working the other day, and a couple of the women I work with wanted a Starbucks run, so I was elected. The Starbucks is around the corner from the building I work in. I took their orders, and went down the elevator, and outside the building. The weather was hot and windy, and I had a problem keeping my skirt down as I crossed the street. I went into the coffee shop, and picked up the coffee. There were four cups of coffee and some Danishes, in a small flat box, that I had to carry with both hands. I stopped at the corner waiting for the light to change, and a gust of wind caught my skirt and blew it up. My panties and legs were visible to everyone around me. I did my best to cover myself, as I was getting these whistles, and "Oh yeah!", and all the these looks from the guys, especially the ones facing me. There was nothing I could do about my skirt blowing up, since my hands were full and I did not want to spill the coffee. I walked across the street, and into my building, with everyone getting a good look as my skirt blew up several times. At first I was embarrassed, almost to tears, but then I just said to myself, "what the heck, nothing I can do about it, might as well enjoy the attention." I would have to be walking towards the building with a group of guys, looking and grinning, and yeah, the cell phones. I got back to the office, told my group of women what had happened, and told them they owed me! They all roared with laughter, and hoped I wouldn't be on the evening news. I was accused of doing it on purpose just to tease the guys. As I was leaving in the afternoon, it was still windy, and I noticed other women's skirts blowing up occasionally, and guys positioning themselves in just the right spot to take advantage of the situation. I noticed some women would fight frantically to keep their skirts downs, while other women did not seem so desperate, and just let it happen. A lot of harmless fun I guess.
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I guess I was caught watching you, too!!!....Love it!!!

even better if you'd gone commando that day xo

Harmless fun is exactly right. Fun story, too. Thanks for that!

Beautiful experience!