Slinky Therapy

I have a  Slinky on the work table in my office.

Many times colleagues will stop by my office to vent on whatever is going on in their life and I have a small table with toys on it and a small toy box on the floor.  Along with the crayons and coloring books (all for adults.  You'd be amazed at how they feel once they have colored in a coloring book.), I also have several other toys from in 60s, 70s and 80s.

The slinky is the one that gets picked up by more people and played with than any other toy. Even more than the Rubik's Cube. 

It gets played with so much that over the years, I have ended up with several Slinkies, one is heart shaped which I have used to discuss relationships.  I have a small plant stand that is like a staircase.  I have removed the plants and put the Slinkies up there for people who want to race them down the stairs.

Slinky Therapy has worked wonders to get colleagues and patients back into the swing of life.
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I knew a woman whose desk was a veritable toybox. Anyone who went in there wound up playing with something...and her clients and co-workers were all adults. So having known this other lady, I totally understand "slinky therapy".<br />
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Thank you for sharing!

I have a (toy) chest filled with items to help people deal with childhood issues. Everybody seems to love the Slinky and popping bubblewrap.