My snake is a Carolina corn-snake called Gerty. I got her when she was a year old, in the summer of 1997. She is six-foot long, and would have been a bit longer, if it weren't for the fact that she lost the tip of her tail to gangrene as a youngster.

When we got Gerty, we were assured that she was a male snake, so she was actually called Bert for about 18 months! We only found out that "he" was actually a "she" when the reptile vet offered to probe Gerty while she was under the anaesthetic for the tail-tip amputation!

Gerty is a crotchety old snake, and she has mastered how to give you the "evil eye" to perfection! I wouldn't be without her though!
RedRoseRattus RedRoseRattus
26-30, F
Jul 23, 2007