Helpp Adicee Pleasee:(

Dont Know What To Do(army Girfriend)
Im happy with my soldier i want to make the big step already in becoming an Army wife i ask me and told him i want to be with him i want to be there for him more and more now i cant stand the distance anymore i want to be his wifey all i got from him is that he does not have the enough money to buy me a ring :( but i feel like his lying cause yes he has the money to waste so much on Sneakers going out and buying things for himself and he says when he gets everything ready he will marry me i ask him do we even going to have a future together it been 5yrs and half going to be 6yrs and im ready to be his wife already and i feel like his not ready or scared to be married all i want and im comminted to make the biggest decison of my life that i want him and i want to follow him everywhere but not as a girffriend as a wife already agg so pissed of and waiting for the day he marries me:(
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He's obviously not ready... You can't force marriage upon him. Stop telling him what you want and just be there for him and if its right and he wants to marry you then he will! Marriage is a big commitment! My friend was going through the same thing and then her bf couldn't take the lies anymore eventually he told her that he had found someone else that he wanted to be with while he was away in Afghanistan he was having an affair for a year. Obv I'm not saying that's what your man is doing, he's prob just not ready to make a commitment yet! Give him time.

You right i know he does want to marry me for one thing he does but as you said his not ready for it.. Which readlly hurts me but i dont kow if i can go on just being for more years the "Girlfriend" you dont get anything and no rights in the military i even to,d him that i dont need anything from him i can mange on my own i waiting for my Master Degrees in 2more years and if he does not going to ask me to marry him then il willing to through away everything and all the years cause i dont think i can do this anymore the fact the distamce and everything and now his going to be deployed in March and the fact i cant get any information or what so ever of him cause im just the "girlfriend" which makes me left out

I see where your coming from, but you can't throw it all away if you truly love him you shouldn't because once its gone its hard to get it back! Love is also about sacrifice and if he's not ready then you have to give him time! If you want to be married more then you want to be with him then throw it away and find someone who can give you what you want! This is something you have to think about thoroughly! If this is true love then you should stand by your man! Cus once it's gone that's it its finished! Don't do something you will regret later!!

You are right but im just tired of being just the "army Girlfirend" and cant even know anything i feel like the outsider of this place im right now in Fort Drum forthefirst time visiting where his duty station and we went to the commissary(shopping place) and i felt like so sad:(here i felt sad and the feeling of about to cry especially when he see one of his other soldiers and he does not even has the guts to present me to them like say at least "this is my girlfirend" he just said hello to them and started a conversation and i was right there next to him with the shooping cart and no introction nor nothing at all if it was me i would be so proud to present him to my friends but no he did not even had the guts to do this i was so sad and angry and the fact for the first time im in his station to visited him cause i really do missed him he has to sneek me in the barracks cause they have rules of how girlfriends have to get put at 10pm so that top of this pissed me offf! If i was his wife everything would be so different