My Soldier Used To Be My Best Friend

A little background.

Before me and my wonderful boyfriend got together, we were best friends for literally all our lives. My mom, his dad, my aunt, my uncle-they were all friends. I just never pictured we'd fall in love like this. It was weird at first, don't get me wrong. But now, I can't believe we weren't together before. How did I live without him?! Why did I let those other boys break my heart when he was there the whole time? I'm an idiot, I know. But see, there was this girl, and she broke his heart. We were both hurting, depressed, and found each other. Now we're happy as can be.

Now for the present.

He just graduated from basic training this summer (2009) and this October (2010) he's being deployed to Afghanistan. It's heart breaking. We're only eighteen. He's scared, and there's nights where we just sit around and cry. Neither of us are ready for this. I'm not ready for him to be across seas. I miss him already. We spend every day together, except when we're in school, so when he leaves it's going to kill me. I just, I need someone to talk to about this. Someone that knows what's going on and can relate.

-Shayna Renee

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Hey there! My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, AND I'm pregnant with our first child. I completely understand the fear you're both feeling. I promise you will find a way to cope with it when he's gone... I was skeptical about whether I could cope, but I found ways. Hang in there! I'm here if you need to talk.

Hello! This website is AMAZING for people who will understand what you are going through. It helped me out so much while me and my husband were apart, and it still helps me even though we live together again. We are in Korea, but will move this summer. We'll most likely go back stateside, and after 6 months we are bout 95% sure he'll deploy. We dont even know if we'll get the full 6 months before-hand... but a way way good web pages to look at are It had way good information for you as well as your soldier. Also- if he is in his Unit now, have him get his FRG Leaders information- you can be on the FRG List and they can email you and call you, help you with everything, keep you updated and what not. I know many say its just for wives, but its not- the training i just had taught me that its for anyone with a soldier in their lives! Email me whenever you need!