I Love My Son

Our family is going thru a divorce.  Its nasty and scary and the future is uncertin.  I had custody of him but somehow the court gave him to my ex husband.  I didnt see him for almost six weeks when he was given to his dad.  Every day I cried and every day I got up and took care of my daughter who is 12 but my heart was ripped out.  WE are fighting to get him back.  She misses her brother.  I'm trying not to let it get to me anymore but its scary when you are fighting over a child.  I've always been the one taking care of him.  I'm the one that was there for him when he cried.  Told him that I would drive him to school when he was bullied on the bus.  His dad was just there in the background.  Went to work, then drank his beer and played his game online.  He would yell at the kids if they interupted his raids and made him look stupid to all of his internet friends.  He would think about himself and what an incovent it was to go to his school programs or go to the park with us.  There was never family time.  I took the kids with me everywhere even to the doctors,  IT was a big deal if he let them stay home and I go alone to the doctors. 
HE has my baby.  I worry about him all the time.  I've been getting him some now but its on his terms.  When I get him he says that he wants to live with his dad.  That I'm a bad mom for leaving him.  That I don't love him.  How much fun he is having with his dad at the amusement park and going fishing.  I know that they love each other and I never want to keep them apart but I want to take care of my son.  I don't even get him when my ex is at work.  His mom is taking care of him.  She had a chance to raise her kids I want mine.  She raised her kids in an abusive family.  Its not her second chance to have another son.  I'm HIS MOM!!!!!

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Still waiting for the court date to come. Its oct. 25th and its been so hard waiting. Me and my daughter are in therapy and hopefully things will change. I'm trying to get her involved in activities. I can't really committee to anything that cost too much till I know how long this is going to drag out. I have a lawyer and I'm trusting him to do what is best for our family.

I am so sorry this has happened to you. In which State do you live? The laws vary according to the different States. My husband is an attorney in Alabama and I worked with him for twenty years, but had to retire due to medical issues. Please seek the advice, if you have not already, of a reputable attorney. Offer to make payments, and DO SO, if you are in financial straits. When your son berates you, tell him that there is more to the story than he knows, but to be patient, you are working to get things on a more equal balance. One more thing, DO NOT run his Dad down, no matter what a louse he is. Just keep on telling him you love him, and that YOU did not leave him, that the Judge made a mistake, and you are trying to get it rectified. Judges DO make mistakes, take it from me. Good wishes for you and your family. May all that is Holy be with you at this time.

I feel so sorry for you and what you are going through and I know you love your son but don't forget about your daughter and don't forget you have her too.I hope you gain custody one day of your son and I wish you the best.