He's Not Here Yet

But he will be in three days. I first saw him at 13 and 1/2 weeks. Before then I just saw a couple specs in the middle of a black sac, and I didn't care whether he was a boy or girl. By 13 weeks, though, when I saw him I had an overwhelming feeling he was a boy. I could see his arms, legs, and face, and then he spread his tiny fingers out like he was waving at us, letting us count all 10. I was completely blown away to see this little being, fully formed (except couldn't completely tell his gender yet), and felt a chill run through me. Then the sonographer told me he was only about three inches long-- blown up on the screen, he looked like an average-sized baby!

Now he's well above average for size, likely closing in on 10 lbs, and will be here very soon. He has already changed my life-- saved my life, really-- and now he's about to challenge and change me in new ways. I was stressing out over the question of what kind of birth would be best for him. I would have tried to push him out, but there were already a few complicating factors (including his large size) and I really didn't know what was the right thing to do. Then he turned sidways again and made the decision for me. So unless he has yet another surprise in store and decides to turn head down again and come sooner, his birthday will be August 10, 2010.

I can't wait to finally see his face, in the flesh, and have him look at me and know I'm mommy and will forever be.
takingabreak takingabreak
41-45, F
Aug 7, 2010