My Son's Greatest Bday Present.

My son turned 3 on August 11. All of his friends had bicycles but he still had just a measely ole trike. Hehe, nothing compared to those other boys. This is my first shot at motherhood, I wasn't aware 2 year olds rode bicycles (with training wheels of course). Either way, when I asked my little boy Braydon what he wanted for his birthday a while back he told me a bicycle, nothing else matters momma! Lol. The things they say huh? Either way, I went to the store picked out the most awesome tiny bicycle I could find and happily bought it along with some super cool Cars safety gear and a bell! I was so excited to give this to Braydon because this was the first time he was really able to WANT something specific and actually ask for it. August 11 rolls around and it's party time! We ate our complete junk food feast consisting of pizza, fried bean and chesse balls, pizza rolls, nachos, cheese sticks, juice, icecream, and popsicles. (Very out of the ordinary for we normally eat organic health foods). All of this while rocking out to the Mickey Mouse cd and talking about how awesome little man's presents are going to be. Fianlly, it gets to be THAT time. He unwrapped the other things we had gotten him and started tinkering with them when suddenly daddy came rolling out with the bike and all the sweet gear we got to go with it. Braydon turns around...the moment has arrived, "A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!" I've never seen him look so excited!!! He ran to it and checked it out, put the helmet on, strapped up, and decides he's going to ride it NOW! You couldn't have wiped the smile off that kid's face if it had been drawn on with a pencil. "Thanks momma and daddy," he yelled. :D Nothing made me happier than seeing him enjoy that bike so much and I was so tahnkful that I was able to give him that ONE thing he wanted so badly! Everyday I count my blessings because it doesn't feel good when you can't do well for your kids. Sometimes you try very hard and are still unable to manage. All you other mommies out sure to love what you have and be glad you've got it. :) Thanks for reading!
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thats sooo cute!!!

Aww,sweet story! It's the best feeling in the world to see your little boy happy right!!

Aw, thank you very much! I appreciate your comment. Kiddos definitely turn you into a different person! :)

What a great story, BraydonsMom!<br />
Birthdays are huge for the little ones. You did a great job of making it special.<br />
The junk food feast is cute :-)