My Gift From God

my son has saved me in so many ways from so many situations and i would do anything for him.i was told i could never get pregant and that i would need fertility help and i would cry when others had babys and wonder why god never gave me a son came along when i thought id never be a mom.he accepts me like no one ever has and i never felt love in my heart that strong until they handed him to son is only 4 but i know he is destine for greatness
prettytasty prettytasty
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1 Response Jan 12, 2011

Aww... sweet story! I have two kids and they are the greatest gift ever! They aren't little anymore.. one is pushing 18 faster then I can comprehend and the other is 19, both girls and what a journey it has been. Don't get me wrong.. it ain't always been sunshine and roses.. especially as we hit those teenager *shudders at thought* years... but the journey has been memorable and continues to amaze me every day. Im so happy that you were able to have a baby.... what a wonderful blessing for you and him!! :)