My Son, Myself

Yesterday was the wedding day of our only son. I won't bore all of you with the typical details of how much I love him and how highly I think of him, what a perfect baby, boy, and man he was/is.... instead, I will share with you how precious it has been to share my spiritual beliefs with this young man, from his first breaths to the wild and tender wedding dances we shared just last evening. I will tell you of the sacred things between a Mother and a Son, the things that endure for all eternity.
Each child is a fully intact human being from the instant they slip, bloody and wailing, from our bodies. There is no more intimate bond, no more eternal bond. I have always felt that as the Mother of this male child, I was charged with the task of understanding the song of his soul, to intuit and comprehend that unseen silver cord that connects him to the universe, to where he came from, to where he shall return when the journey of this life is complete. I felt it was my task to find his truth and to celebrate it with him, and then, to know when my task is complete, which has been the most difficult part of the journey for me, but perhaps that part is the reward, but it is most difficult to do with grace and a smile!
He was born a leader, he was born bright and curious, a creative, sensitive, well balanced soul, strong and self possessed from the first day of his life. My son was born a spiritual seeker as well, with an open, wide heart that considered everyone and everything with great wonder and profound respect.
He related beautifully to nature, and to the natural arts, and, this is how I would begin to spiritually connect with this wondrous child, this is the path that he and I would continue on for the whole of his childhood and adolescence, now, adulthood. .
All children adore ritual, it connects them to the world in a comforting way that engages all of their senses. For them to hear the music of the wind, see the stars glittering in the sky, feel the heat of the log fire burning in celebration of All Hallows Eve, smell the honeysuckle along the lane that leads to the place that they call home, taste a warm yellow cake just pulled from the oven in celebration of another year of life, feel the round sensual life force of the red apple as it is split and cast to the four corners of the earth to bless the child with fertility and abundance in adulthood! Our senses guide us to the seat of our emotions and this is GOOD!
My son watched as I spiritually matured, I watched as he grew into himself, as he came into his own. He came along with me as I searched for my spiritual identity. Often, he did not realize it, but, in him, I found my footing because he was a natural leader, even as a child. He considered my earnest search, he found it a worthy one and he came along as was my willing witness and companion. I took his hand, and together, we learned to wear flesh over our spirits and to dance in the dirt, under the stars and be free to take bold and sacred paths of our own individual designs. He is my only son, I am his only Mother, we have learned from one another, as we have realized the sacred nature of our bond.
The Mother Son bond is a precious and a sacred jewel of life and is not spoken of nearly often enough.
As I was dancing with my big, strong, military Captain of a son last evening at his wedding, to two especially magical songs that he had chosen for the two of us to share, it dawned on me what an honor it has been to share such a deeply spiritual connection with one another. His beautiful bride is a lucky woman because she will know the love of a man that understands what is sacred in life. He is a lucky man because he has the love of a woman that also understands what is scared in life. I am so happy for them,  I am humbled that he is my son. I am humbled that he came through my body, through my heart, through my soul, into himself, into his power, into his compassion....
If you have a little boy, take his hand, and show him the wonders of the world in the most special and magical ways that you can, for you are blessed to be his Mother, and trust me, the time will fly until you are dancing in my shoes!  Captain, I am proud of you son, bless you and your beautiful bride and bless your new life together.  Love, Mom
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how lucky is he to be ur son :)

Oh my --- how very beautiful. I'm nearly in tears~~~~

I love my son so much and he is only 13 months old. I don't want to miss one second and i am sad to think about the day of him growing up and leaving us. Of course I want that for him and will be very happy for him but still I will miss all the time I get to have with him.

Thank You and kiss that baby boy for me~

That gave me tingles.

Oh bless your heart peza. xx

I love your writing :)

I thank you tassie12 thanks for reading this.

I thank you Scorp. :-)

This was beautiful. It sounds very similar to the relationship I have with my mother. Incredibly similar. Thank you for sharing with us an idea of how a mother loves her son.<br />
<br />
Take care<br />
<br />

I thank you so very much for reading and for taking the time to comment. ;-)

Thank you for reading and for commenting ;-) HBC

Soooooo beautifly said!

i like your story

Thank You, I am happy that you enjoyed it.

i like your story

How beautiful! u're love shines. through. our oldest son got married three years ago. i do believe i was the happiest person there. i am so proud of him and his wife is great. my greatest inspiration comes from my sons and grandkids. thank you for sharing.

Thank you for commenting and for reading, I agree with you, I cannot wait for the next grandbaby! I hope they start trying now!

Yes, this sweet bride is beautiful and kind, she's bright and honorable, he did very well. She looks at him with such love in her eyes. She will make a wonderful Momma one day. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

How wonderful! I would be crying of happiness and my heart would be just the biggest heart on that day!! My son is 10 and I already find myself thinking of his wedding day and who he will marry and is she going to love him as much as I do? Seems like you are there already and it's all good!!