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It Looks Like A Freaking Monument!

When my son was 13…I decided to embark on this huge picture project. I decided that I would take all my favorite pictures of my him from birth until his current age and frame them. Some of the pictures were posed...some were of him playing sports…others were of him just having fun and being a goofy kid. What can I say? He was my absolute favorite person to "frame" I went a bit hog wild. I think (rough it could have been more or less) I framed 30 pictures of him...which were scattered throughout the living room and den. Now the pictures were in different groupings...some on table tops...and others on the it was done very tastefully.

Anyway…after I had completed my project...I called my son into the living room...and after he took a few minutes just looking around and taking it all in...the very first thing out of his mouth was..."God's like a freaking monument to me!" He went onto to say..."I thought a person had to be dead to get something like this...but I guess not."

Well...after I got over the initial shock of what he said...I laughed my *** off. Why? Because if I looked at it from his point of view...I guess it did kind of look like a freaking' monument.

And when my son would later ask me...”Why so many pictures mom?” I would simply reply…”Because you’re so special…yanno…in a short bus kind of way.”

Of course…I left the pictures up. Yes...all of them which my son would simply say to his friends as they passed through the living room on their way to his bedroom. "Yeah...I's a lot of freaking pictures of me...cuz my mom thinks I’m so special…and she apparently loves me that much!"

Well...I did...and I still do today...lots and lots. :)

KassieKat KassieKat 46-50, F 3 Responses Jan 4, 2012

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That is beautiful!!

Thanks! I thought so too. :)

Lol! It's SUCH a MOM THING!!<br />
Say c h e e s e!

*giggle* I know. "Cheese!" What can I say? I love my son. Thanks for commenting. :)

Too cute!...Gotta love those boys!

Oh yes...most definitely. I would have loved him if for nothing else...his comedic talent alone. Thanks for commenting. :)