My Precious Boy ( Written Last Year)

It is incredible the overwhelming emotions a mum can feel in regards to her children.

I am sure at times my little boy is a very old soul because there is a side of him that he only shows when we are alone that blows my mind at times and even though he is nearly 3 years old the things that he says and does leave me sitting there for hours after in amazement.

My husband and I were having a really bad day yesterday and he was being real nasty to me to the pont that he made me cry.
I went into our spare room so my little boy could not see me upset and with in a few seconds later, my little boy started looking for me. I tried so hard to stop the tears but they kept on streaming down my face.
My little boy walked into the room and stood infront of me and instantly from a great big smile on his face, a concerned and very caring look took over. He grabbed one of my hands and with his other little hand he was patting my knee and saying "'s o.k. want me to rub your back?"
I sucked up my tears and told him that I am o.k and I just have a sore head and need to lie down for a second. My wonderful little boy then replied..." o.k mummy I will lie down with you... I will be very quiet and I will pat your back.
The sincerety and genuine concern coming from this little angel just overwhelmed me so much to the the point that I could not once again control my tears for a few seconds.
My little boy then just sat next to me on the bed and patted my belly saying..." ssshhhhh, no more tears's o.k".
I was so touched by this wonderful gesture that my little nearly 3 year old provided to me.
He is the most amazing little boy and very wise for his age. I love him so much! HE IS MY LIFE!!!!!
Wiltingflower Wiltingflower
46-50, F
May 14, 2012