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I had my son my grade 11 year of highschool. I was just shy of turning 17, on honoralls, in a few sports and loving my life! I had the best group of friends and the most amazing boyfriend ever. When i found out i was pregnant i felt my whole world come to a hault, i was in shock and denial and wasnt ready to have that sort of conversation with my boyfriend or my parents. I was so scared but new they needed to know right away. I told my boyfriend Corey the day after i took the HPT. As he sat there on the park bench listening to me i could feel a warm sence and seen this look in his expresion that made me know everything was going to be ok. He comforted me and told me he was going to be there for me no matter what. The following day we told our parents together. They were all angry and upset but quickly got over it and accepted it. The next few months we did everything we could to plan for our baby and plan so that we would still be able to finish school. As time went on we waited and waited for our son to be born. We were nervous but very excited, we couldnt wait to meet the little guy we created together :). Unfortunatly two months before my due date Corey passed away in a car accident. It was a tough time for me, i went into depression and had my son a month early. From the moment i seen him out of me i fell in love all over again. He was the cutest baby boy i have ever seen ( all mothers think this), he had my nose and my boyfriends eyes. He was a charmer right from birth :). Today he is 14 months old and the best thing that has ever happend to me. I love him so much, he has helped me become stronger and more mature and made me appreciate so much. He is a fun outgoing one year old that loves to play. He can be a handful at times but i love my little guy. He brightens up my world and makes me so happy. And his energy! Wow who new a one year old could be so energenic! He loves to run around and dance and laugh. Its the cutest thing ever! I am so thankful and blessed to have him an i wouldnt change things at all. I graduated high school this year but wont recieve my diploma till late August since i wasnt quite finished my Math30 in time. But overall things are great! I recently started dating my guy best friend and things are going amazing. He loves my son just as much as i do and my son loves him back :). I hope we can one day call ourselves a real family :)
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18-21, F
Jul 17, 2012