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What can I say my baby is 4, & so smart for his age! He brings me great joy everyday, I couldn't ask for a more wonderful, outgoing, courageous, happy little boy! Im the mom but he acts like he has to take care of me... He hates when I go out on "dates" ask me where im going, when am I coming back, why he cant go, ect... I just laugh & smile to myself :) right now hes visiting my father in another state, but he made me smile today so I have to share.... I was speaking with him on the phone, he asked what I was doing I said working, he then asked where my friends were & who I was working with, told him my friends were out playing, & I am working by myself... He was quit for a moment then says "Im sad your alone, im sorry no ones working with you, I wish I was home so I could go to work with you so you dont have to be alone... We could have a party, bring some drinks, & soda, it would be fun" haha... I laughed & said oh yeah bud... He said in a high pitch voice "YEAH..... I take care of you mom" I couldn't help but smile, hes such a little man :) I love my precious angel!!!
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If i was lucky and got a chance to go on a date with you instead of taking you out i would bring to your house some make from scratch pizza kits so we could work together on making pizzas and then put them in the fridge, go rents some movies for the three of us to watch and start cooking a pizza so it would be ready at the end of the first on, eat the supper and then finish watching the movies together. family is golden.

Your blessed to have a caring little man, they do grow up fast, but it would be nice if you both had a man in your lives who could care for you both................ best wishes.

At this rate,he will soon want to a accompay you to make sure you are safe.

He really does sound like a precious little guy,problem is,at this rate, he WILL be going out with you shortly.

What? Im confused... Lol

god gives uskids in the form ov fairys and angels...its upto us how we luv em =)

I was wondering why i thought of this 1 thing earlier today now i know why. if you remember the young boy who had a muscular disiease like MS and had spent most of his life in the hospital but was able to appear on Ophra to talk about his poetry that had been published you may know the peom I am talking about. In this poem he talks about how new born babies are not crying because they are scarred or in pain, but the are crying because they are over flowing with joy and happiness that they are alive and will get to spens thier lives with thier families.

They grow up so fast don't they

Goodness, my heart just melted! So sweet. Hopefully his sense of responsibility never overwhelms him and may he always be happy:-)

are you single

What a sensitive little guy. You've got a good one there! Good job, mom.

How ur a mom of four years but still so young

Kids are so awesome, gotta love em!

Very cute. Take pictures and videos as often as possible, even when you don't feel like it. They grow up fast, and you don't want to forget a precious moment.

Cute story.

Thank you! :) Hes my angel :)

my four have all grown up, but I have awesome memories of the the 4th year. It was so much fun to watch their brains developing at such a rapid pace. Your story made me smile.

i will have to say it brong a tear of joy to my eye reading that, it reminds me of how i am with my own mother to this day, she will only be in my life once. so i will enjoy it wile i still can, couse once shes gone what am i to do with myself from there?

Exactly! Enjoy her now cuz its hell when theyre gone!

great stuff that!!!!!!!!!!! Thx for sharing it, life is full of wonderful lil blossoms of joy each day huh!!!