He Is So Full Of Joy!

My son, my little boy, he is such a sweetheart in his tough guy way. His blue eyes dance when he laughs, he's just turned four and is always in search of a new adventure. He's very tall like his daddy & strong but is a cuddly teddybear when his adventures are done. There's so much going on in his mind, he already shows the beginning of some amazing gifts. He has a love of music & astonishingly perfect pitch. He plays his little drumset and keyboard with such heart. Everything he does he has such energy and intensity. My favorite part of the day is when I check on him at night before I go to bed. He sleeps so peacefully like a little angel & I remember that little baby I used to rock & hold. I love watching him grow & discover the world, but part of me wants to freeze time while I can spend my days playing with him, scoop him up in my arms & hear his boisterous little laugh. This is heaven, to raise him & love him while he still needs me.
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Excellent! (needs to be published beyond EP)

That was terrific, brings back memories of my son.