For My Son

Small eyes watching me,
watch me night and day,
small ears hear all my words,
they come out of my mouth.

Little hands love to work
every thing I do.
This is a boy who wants
to be a such as I want .

I am a role model for this boy,
I'm wiser for it all,
and in his mind,
there is no doubt about the two of us.

Always believing in me burning,
listens to everything I say and do,
always strives to make every,
do anything to cheer me ...

A small boy, big eyes
believe that I'm always right
when he is just start walking,
I talked to you, you have to watch yourself
because the greatest treasure you.

I'm the one who set an example I give you
every day and all I
little boy just waiting faithfully
to one day become like me.

Every day when he embrace me,
and said me:I love you.
I want you to stop time,
that this moment lasts forever ..

No matter what he work,
still trying with all his heart
he never thinks:that I can t do it..
just go,and do it...

Once upon a time, when he grow up I'll tell him
how many times I've admired
with tears in his eyes
when with his lion heart
You fight, you're the best at everything.

Dear boy, all I want you
Stay the way you are
I'm from you every day
again and again only learn...
skyfone464 skyfone464
41-45, F
Jan 17, 2013