I Adore My Son and Love Him So Much

You know everyone who is a parent must say this but i love my son so much,sometimes i don't want him to get older,hes 6 and an angel. He saved me from myself when he was born and i owe everything to him. I can truly say i've never loved before he came into my life. Sometimes i just watch him laughing,thinking,looking..just taking everything that he is in. Hes wonderful, everything to me, nobody else means anything to me,i truly do love him..
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my son is now 43, he suffered a massive stroke 2 years ago. he has been debilitated by alcoholism for many years. So long that I was beginning to fear I had lost him to the addiction forever. the stroke has given my son back to me and when I talk to him and he laughs, my heart and spirit just soars!

Loving your son is not wrong. But do not forget to love yourself too.

Erm now that's a different story, not sure if you ve read my other posts lol

Just Googled I love my son because I'm struggling with how much I love the little guy even though I didn't want children and he's cramping my lifestyle big time. Still and all... I can't seem to compute how much I love him... It's like Im missing the moments even as they are happening..... Some tough guy I turned out to be... :)

This is awesome to see. Thanks :) Your son will grow to love you just as much as you do too!

My mother feels the same way, she was headed in a very wrong direction when she found out she was pregnant with me, then I came and her life changed. She didn't exactly want me, but she always says that once I came, there was no turning back, she and I have always been very close, and I'm so thankful for her! Loved this post!

That's awesome and I feel that love with both my boys.

I love my son as much too and I can relate to the part you wrote about saving you from yourself. I tell him how I feel everyday, at every chance I get. I never did get around telling it to my late father just how much I loved him, I don't want to make that mistake with my son. He's so precious, he's all I've got.

i know how you feel. my son is the world to me. without him i feel empty and i am only happy when i am around him, watching him smile, cuddling him and even just listening to his bad jokes just makes me so happy. he is six years old and i can honestly say no one has ever made me feel so soft. i am a strong man to the world, but when it comes to my son, i am a big softie.

^ soft :D hah that's a cool way of expressing it. I know what you mean

I love my sons. God gave me two wonderful sons who treat me with the utmost respect. The years flew by and I so miss them as toddlers, but at ages 33 and 35 my heart still skips a beat when they call me "Mom".<br />
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God did a wonderful thing when He gave me my boys ;-)

I love my son sooo freaking much. I am 34 and he is 8. He is the sweetest thing in the world. I just sit back and look at him sometimes and take in all that is him, from the way he smells after he plays outside (eww lol), laughs, what gets him to smile, and etc. We constantly give each other what we call "Love" which is our runing into each others arms, him jumping on me on the bed, and giving each other tight hugs and suga :) He will randomly come up to me sometimes when I look preoccupied or sad and ask me if I need some love, and that always makes me feel better. I also am beginning to see how fast he is growing up. We are very close, and talk about whatever..from body parts to is lil elementary girlfriends and his poop in the toilet lol He's getting bigger, but his heart is the same. I am trying to wean him from wanting to sleep in my bed "to keep me company or warm" haha. We always want to be near each other. Although me and his dad do live together, I think alot of this supper affection comes from the fact that his dad is not affectionate at all, nor really displays any emotion, and all my pent up love I have to give and express, I smother my youngest with it...He says that he will never leave me, and that he and his wife and kids when he gets older will come live with me (big smile) hahaha

OMG, you must be my twin. I am exactly the same with my son. I'm so glad that this is normal. I don't feel right without my boy around. I am incomplete. And yes, he says he never ever wants to leave me, and that he and his wife and kids will stay with me too hahahaha

that's amazing. I'm so happy for you

I love my son. He is 31 and well I miss him more then words can express. We are 4,000 miles apart presently but i will see him soon.

Same feeling, my big boy is almost 4 month old, I have to work in another country, I'm sick of missing him everyday. The best part of day is after my work i can watch him on webcam, god I missing him soooo much!

I have three daughters and my youngest is a son. I love my daughters, there is no doubt about that, but my son<br />
took the biggest part in my heart. Maybe because he was the youngest, maybe because he was so easy to bring up, or maybe because he loved me more than anyone in the world until another woman came along and took him away from me and he was glad to be gone. He still calls me several times in the week and gives me long cuddles.....

When my boys were little they were so innocent and sweet, I also wanted them to stay little..They are all grown up, and my Love is for them is stronger then ever... I also wanted my grans to remain little, but they have grown up also... I think feelings for our childern may change but the love will always be the same :-)

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Aren't they just the most beautiful things! quite simply my Ben is the air I breathe..he is my reason and my purpose but lets not forget the union of souls that created our purpose and enjoy that beautiful love which we are lucky to have found in our men.. for without them we would have no beautiful little people.<br />
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God Bless you all, <br />
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With love, Melody

Just to encourage you... I used to wish my boy wouldn't grow up, but I found out he's actually a really sweet teenager, too. Sometimes they stay sweet & wonderful in spite of the teenage years :-)

Awwww, I know exactly what you mean. My son is 6yrs old to and it is like he just grows and matures everyday. I just want to freeze time. Children bring such joy to your life.

I too love my son so much! He has brought me endless pleasure and joy in my life!! I could not ask for a better love ! He is the sweetest child and he returns the love I have for him right back at me. He is wonderful!!!

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Just found it. wonderful. It is true that you discover a new kind of love when they come along. Mine slept on my chest for his nighttime burping sessions.<br />
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Many times he fell off and bounced on the sprung wooden floors. I would reach over and grab a handful of vest and pick him up again. I sure that he thought it was a game.<br />
<br />
Until age fourteen he would compete with me to see who could fall asleep quickest, him or me. I think I won each time.<br />
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hehehe<br />
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That’s a nice story cheers to you and your boy!