...this Little Guy...

My little boy is one of the best things in my life, if not the best. He just knows how to look at me and instantly put me in a better mood :) so I'm in a good mood at least once a day... The best thing about being a father, is hearing him call me daddy! How when I come home and he gets this huge smile on his face and walks up to me. He opens his arms and says hi...I gotta kneel so he can give me a hug, he wraps his arms around my neck... He loves to watch movies. Right now he loves the new ice age movie. He'll run out of his room to come and get me. "Dad! Dad!" He says... ya buddy, I say, or booger, cuz it seems like his nose is always runny lol. Then heturns and walks back towards his room and looks over his shoulder and makes this huge circular motion with his arm, "COME ON!" So I gotta get up and go to the room. Not like he needs me anyway because he knows how to open up the dvd and put it into the ps2, then he'll grab the controller and press play. But he can't reach the tv to turn it on. He tells me to sit, pats his hand down on his bed and says "sit". So I say ok, and I sit with him. 10 seconds into the movie, he gets up...." I back", that means ill be back. Its little things like these that are so hilarious. I have tons of stories. Maybe ill write more about him, but this is pretty good for now :)
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3 Responses Nov 16, 2009

Wow 2! such a great age! They pick up everything at that age! lol

He's 2. Never a dull moment with him :)

awwww mike that is so adorable!!! sha baby! how old is he again? I love when they start talking and can express them self.