My Favorite Son Named Sean

    My oldest son, Sean, has always had a difficult time in life. From surgery at 5 weeks to correct a birth defect that nearly cost his life, to ADHD so severe that he was allowed to attend public school on an hour-to-hour basis. As a single mother, I was Sean's only advocate. Fighting with school officials, doctors, courts and neighbors seemed a never ending uphill battle, but Sean was worth every moment.

    Because of his problems, Sean and I became inseparable and a very special bond was formed. Sean didn't get to spend the night with his favorite Aunt or with friends like his sisters and brother did, and he required nearly constant reassurance that he was loved.  Mothers can't have "favorites" when it comes to their kids, but Sean seemed to need that "little something extra" when it came to feeling loved, safe and accepted.

    When Sean was 6, I jokingly told him, "You are my favorite son named Sean." and it seemed to cause a light to go on inside him! It seemed to give him reassurance and helped him feel "special" in a positive way. It became a secret code between us that has lasted to this day. At 26, he tells the people that become important in his life the story of our struggles when he was young and the special bond we have, then finishes off by saying, "You know, I'm my Mom's favorite son named Sean!"

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Awww! This is one of those stories that makes you cry happy tears!! :) How awesome!