She's Just All Around Amazing.

My biological mother left when I was around 5, One day my older brother Sammy was at school and my mom said she needed to run to the store and she told me to stay home, and answer the door for no one. So after she left I sat on the sofa and watched cartoons and waited for her to come home, and I waited, and I waited some more, eventually daddy came home after picking up my brother from school. When he first walked through the door he asked where mom was and then I realized that I had been waiting for hours so I explained that she had to run to the store but that was forever ago. And a couple hours later daddy told me rather bluntly that my mom had left and she probably wasn't going to come back. About a year after that my dad remarried and at first I will admit I wasn't very nice or polite to my new mother and I actually refused to talk to her, after many conversations, punishments and "bonding activities" she finally started to grow on me and within almost another year I was calling her mom. Now I can't imagine my step mom not being in my life, she's caring, loving and funny. I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to have such a wonderful and loving woman in my life
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thats so sad